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Putting you back in control

“When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace”


I specialise in helping people juggling all the demands of modern life to gain control of their breathing, allowing them to live life to the full by feeling confident, relaxed, and full of energy!

How we breathe lays the foundations for how we feel. If your breathing isn’t perfect, then you can feel physically and mentally off balance.

Have you noticed your breathing just isn’t right? Are you taking frequent deep breaths, having difficulty speaking, or feeling short of breath? Do you feel exhausted? Is anxiety impacting your life? Is your breathing uncomfortable when you exercise? Are you unable to cope well with stressful situations? Have you lost your confidence?


Your breathing pattern may be the issue and I can help!

Most people have never considered that their breathing could cause them problems. However, it is estimated that 1 in 10 people experience some form of breathing dysfunction in their life. It’s very common, although under diagnosed, and it’s very fixable.


Symptoms from altered breathing patterns include:


Frequent sighing and yawning

‘Air hunger’ – a feeling that you cannot get enough air in

Feeling anxious

Feeling stressed



Irritable cough

Brain fog

Neck, shoulder, jaw or back pain

Poor sleep

Pins and needles

Chest pains*

Breathing discomfort*

Low confidence

Palpitations or a flutter in your chest*

Tightness in your chest*

Reflux or upset tummy

*check with your doctor if you are experiencing symptoms which could be a result of a serious underlying health condition


If you have any of these symptoms your breathing could be to blame!


Send me a message now to see if I can help you! 

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Posted by: Kelly Mitchell

My name is Kelly Mitchell. Or The Breathing PT. Not the most original of names but I help people improve their breathing in various ways and I’m a respiratory physiotherapist (PT), so there you have it. The Breathing PT. 

Stress-anxiety-breathing .jpg

Posted by: Kelly Mitchell

This is me drinking wine in the sun. It was May this year. We were in lockdown, I was working with patients who had coronavirus, it was quite a scary time. But I was relaxed, not a care in the world, loving life.

I haven't always felt this in control!


Posted by: Kelly Mitchell

We’ve been breathing since the dawn of time but the majority of people don’t know anything about it. They don’t know what’s normal. They don’t know what’s abnormal. And they don’t know that abnormal breathing can be the cause of your problems from jaw pain to anxiety to reflux.

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"Highly recommend. Dedicated, approachable and experienced. Complete turnaround regarding motivation, energy, anxiety and power of voice. I cannot believe the difference achieved in 8 weeks, neither can my friends or family."

Samantha Sparrow, Norwich

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