"Highly recommend. Dedicated, approachable and experienced. Complete turnaround regarding motivation, energy, anxiety and power of voice. I cannot believe the difference achieved in 8 weeks, neither can my friends or family. 

Kelly covered the theory so clearly, it was fascinating and the plans put together were extremely easy to follow.

Highly recommend this for anyone who has anxiety, unexplained shortness of breath on exercise or rest or a decline in voice power. Even if you don't think you have a breathing problem, I didn't realise I had a problem."

Samantha Sparrow, Norwich

"After experiencing my first panic attack and finding out that my breathing pattern was causing the problem, I needed someone with the experience and skills to teach, guide and push me to achieve my goals. Kelly was able to give me all the answers I needed, took the time to explain and helped me discover the steps towards recovery! She always took the time to see me as a person and concentrate on all the aspects that were influencing me.

I highly recommend Kelly for her professionalism and the dedication that she showed me. Thank you, Kelly, for making me feel so much better, through teaching me how to control my breathing and be in control of my life!"

Andreea Fazacas, Norwich

Kelly took an excellent history and we had a good discussion about my symptoms. We came up with a plan together and I feel the techniques that Kelly has taught me have helped me to manage my symptoms more effectively. Very professional. Would recommend. Thanks Kelly.

Jake Suett, Norfolk

"I have struggled with anxiety for years, and have never fully felt that I had it under control. During COVID-19 I noticed (as many others will have) that my symptoms of anxiety were heightened.

One of main issues has been panic attacks, these were particularly happening in places like the supermarket. Often places where I was wearing a face covering. Kelly helped identify patterns and trends and understand the way my body and breathing patterns were driving my anxiety and vice versa. Kelly helped me to understand and control my breathing and allow my body to relax.

Since then, by using these strategies I am able to switch off better, calm my body more easily and understand and avoid the triggers that lead me to have a meltdown!! I haven't had a panic attack in a supermarket in a number of weeks and it no longer feels like a daunting process...

If anyone is curious and thinks that they may benefit from some guidance I would STRONGLY recommend getting in touch with Kelly!"

Alice Dalton, Norwich