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I went to see Kelly as I was struggling with my breathing after being given a diagnosis of bronchiectasis. I knew that in order to manage this condition I needed to learn how to clear my airways, but was very unclear on how to do this. Kelly was so supportive, so clear and so encouraging that, after only three sessions I felt confident enough to manage on my own. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Breathing PT. She is an absolute jewel.

Laura, bronchiectasis client – in person clinic review 

Kelly quickly diagnosed and successfully treated my breathing pattern disorder that resulted from covid. After I reset and calmed my breathing (mostly hyper ventilating) and calmed my central nervous system, the other symptoms of long covid faded away. Initially I was sceptical, but I 100% shouldn't have been - I now have my life back and can't thank Kelly enough. Plus she is a total joy to work with :)

Richard, long covid client – Norfolk via Zoom

Without a doubt a 5-star service. After nearly a year of struggling with a breathing pattern disorder, finding Kelly was like a god-sent. She's been so supportive throughout the whole process and really went the extra mile to not only help my breathing but also signpost me to a brilliant SALT to help my voice which had been affected. Right from the first appointment it was clear she has a passion for what she does and truly cares about her clients, so you always feel like you're in safe hands.

The difference in my breathing since I started seeing her is incredible and I will forever be grateful. If you are suffering from any kind of breathing issue, even long covid, don't hesitate to get in contact with her!

Thanks Kelly :)

Max, breathing pattern disorder client – England via Zoom

Kelly was lovely and very patient. She explained everything to my husband in simple steps. She explained and demonstrated all the exercises so that my husband would understand. He felt listened to and more confident in using a shaker machine. I would highly recommend the breathing PT. Kelly even offered follow up appointments and her response time was incredibly quick.

Peter, bronchiectasis client – home visit in Norwich

I had such a good service from Kelly for post-covid breathing issues. I bought a course with her online and then had a follow up session after this too. She’s very well informed and up to date as well as easy to speak to and details the actions and homework very clearly as well as answering questions. Highly recommended. Don’t let being far from Norfolk deter you, the virtual sessions worked very well indeed.

Lucy, long covid client – Scotland via Zoom  

I saw Kelly via Zoom in 2021 after struggling for 15 years with hyperventilation syndrome. I had previously seen several breathing specialists in Auckland and Melbourne (along with countless other medical professionals!) and they had not been able to help me. When I came across Kelly's Instagram account I was keen to book in some sessions, but also felt a little sceptical after years of spending money on specialists who couldn't help! However, after just one session I felt confident that Kelly would be able to help me to get on top of my breathing, and to my great relief she did!

After years of battling with air hunger and tension, I can now breathe comfortably. My chest has actually changed shape quite noticeably as I'm no longer taking great big breaths into my chest. Before my sessions with Kelly, breathing diaphragmatically when standing or sitting down felt impossible, but now it is automatic! My breath-holds have also improved dramatically and this has had a huge impact on my swimming ability.

I used Kelly's exercises alongside the Lightning Process which helped me to address some of the underlying issues with anxiety, and I found that the two approaches combined have had such a huge impact on my overall wellbeing. Every once in a while my breathing will feel a bit off again - but Kelly gave me a great set of resources to use, and so I've always been able to get myself back on track.

Kelly is incredibly knowledgeable and communicates in a very accessible and supportive way. She helped me to understand the physiology behind my breathing issue and what to expect as I started to put the exercises into practice. I found the overall process to be very manageable (although at times uncomfortable) and appreciated the clear outline that Kelly provided for treatment. Having the sessions via Zoom was absolutely fine - Kelly was able to detect subtle issues with my breathing that many in-person specialists had missed!

I am so grateful and relieved that I found Kelly when I did, and recommend her wholeheartedly.

Isabelle, breathing pattern disorder client – Australia via Zoom

Kelly is wonderful! She really listened to me, helped me understand my LC symptoms and feel in control again. Not only did working with Kelly really help me improve, but she is also so friendly and easy to talk to and made me laugh along the way! After less than two months, I feel strongly that I am on a path to recovery and have also learnt a life skill - thank you so much!

Emilie – France and London via Zoom

I feel incredibly lucky to have found Kelly. It would be no exaggeration to say that she has helped improve my quality of life immeasurably within the space of just six weeks.

After a bout of Covid, I had been left with breathing problems that made it difficult for me to work, drive, relax, or even sleep. A particular problem was that the suffocating feeling I was experiencing was making it impossible for me to wear my CPAP mask for my sleep apnoea, leading to terrible bouts of insomnia. Other knock-on effects include anxiety and tension, which left me with persistent shoulder and neck pain, as well as low mood.

From my very first consultation with Kelly, I was left feeling hugely reassured. She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, and has a very approachable and down-to-earth manner, so that I felt straight away that I was in good hands.

Kelly quickly diagnosed a breathing pattern disorder and I felt hugely relieved to know that this could be addressed and that my breathing could be improved. I knew this wouldn’t be easy and it could take some time, and it certainly took some work. But in less than two months I felt completely transformed. I am breathing much better now, and the good habits I have picked up have become second-nature. Tight-chested, breathless, “suffocating” feeling has disappeared, and best of all I am sleeping well every night with my CPAP mask.

I really can’t thank Kelly enough for all she has done for me.

Christopher, breathing difficulty after covid – England via Zoom

Kelly is a qualified & experienced (both NHS & Private) Respiratory Therapist. This specialism seems to be very rare as I found out after being diagnosed with a chronic breathing pattern disorder that I developed as a complication of Pulmonary Embolism.

The wait for treatment was 32 weeks on the NHS so I sought a private therapist, but they are few and far between.

Eventually I found Kelly and the transformation in my health has been remarkable, Kelly has been treating me for 5 months now, it has been a long and sometimes difficult period of time as Kelly recognised and unpicked my bad breathing habits, giving me the exercises, tools and support to re-learn how to breathe properly.

Kelly is professional but also friendly and approachable, I can't thank her enough or recommend her more for giving me my life back.

Mike, breathing pattern disorder client  – in person clinic review

Kelly is brilliant. It's so impressive how much she knows and can tell about you even virtually. I had long covid, I'm now fully recovered, getting my dysfunctional breathing under control was a key part of my recovery. thank you.

Rachel, long covid client – England via Zoom

I highly recommend Kelly. In just 4 months she helped me from barely been able to walk with Long Covid to being able to start running again. She is very knowledgeable and professional. Her thorough and down to earth approach allowed me to see the light at the end of a dark tunnel and I truly believe that I wouldn’t have recovered so well without her. She is amazing. Thank you so much Kelly for giving me my life back.

Nicola, long covid client– UK via Zoom

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