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Long Covid

Are you breathless weeks, months or years after Covid? Do you keep gasping for air? Are you permanently exhausted? Do you live with a huge list of symptoms? Have you had all of the tests and scans and told you’re fine?

These are common experiences for those living with Long Covid, but many people have not considered that the way they breathe could be contributing to their symptoms. 

Over the last 3 years I have worked with hundreds of people living with Long Covid and have seen great improvements through breathing retraining. I firmly believe that everybody living with Long Covid should have their breathing pattern assessed to ensure that it isn’t causing their symptoms or making them worse.

It is becoming evident over time through clinical experience and research that many people with Long Covid have altered breathing, also referred to as a breathing pattern disorder (BPD). To read more about BPD please click HERE.

Breathing retraining is a great tool for improving respiratory symptoms such as breathlessness and air hunger but it can also help with many other issues, including:


Post-exertional malaise (PEM)

Musculoskeletal pain e.g. chest pain

Chest tightness


Gastrointestinal symptoms


HR issues

Symptoms associated with POTS / dysautonomia

Pins and needles / numbness

Brain fog  

Poor sleep

Feelings of anxiety

Low mood

A wired nervous system – constant fight or flight

Anyone who has changes to their breathing after Covid, and has been cleared by their doctors, would benefit from seeing a respiratory physiotherapist. We are trained to rehabilitate your breathing and relieve your symptoms.


Specialist physiotherapy has recently been recognised as the recommended treatment in the BMJ to manage breathing symptoms related to Covid. Click HERE to read.


Everyone has had a different experience with Covid, and therefore a unique set of symptoms. To discuss your specific concerns or to arrange a free consultation please contact me.



To read previous Long Covid client experiences please click HERE

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