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Is anxiety or panic stopping you from doing the things you enjoy? Is your work being affected? Have you lost your confidence? Do you feel like someone else?

How you’re breathing could be the key.

Anxiety and breathing are closely linked, because feelings of anxiety can disrupt your normal breathing pattern without you even noticing. The change in your breathing causes physiological imbalance within your body, and this imbalance worsens the feelings of anxiety. 

Whether the anxiety caused the breathing changes, or the breathing changes caused the anxiety, you feel like you’re in a constant state of ‘fight or flight’ and it’s exhausting. It’s a vicious circle, but it’s a circle that can be broken.

Sometimes your breathing pattern is disrupted because of prolonged periods of stress, such as a bereavement, a house move, work related stress or emotional trauma. Sometimes there is no clear cause. Whatever the reason,  your breathing pattern can be improved and often completely fixed.

How do you know if your breathing may be the problem?

When you feel anxious does your breathing feel uncomfortable?

Do you feel unable to take a good breath in or out?

Do you feel dizzy?

Are you easily overwhelmed?

Do you feel tense and ‘het up’?

Do you get chest pains?

Are you breathing from your upper chest or through your mouth?

Are your breaths fast and shallow?

Are you yawning or sighing a lot?

These are all classic signs that your breathing is disordered.

Many people with anxiety and disordered breathing are subjected to a whole range of investigations by their GP only to be told ‘there’s no obvious cause’. Their breathing is often overlooked even though it’s a significant contributing factor, if not the primary cause of the symptoms.

If this sounds familiar, I can help.

By restoring normal breathing and therefore normal physiology, your mind and body can return to a calm and relaxed state – putting you back in control and allowing you to enjoy life again.


I will:

Restore your normal breathing pattern and physiology

Help you to feel calm at rest and in stressful situations

Strengthen your breathing muscles

Manage any neck/back/shoulder pain as a result of incorrect breathing

Get you feeling like you again!

To find out if your breathing is at the root of your problems drop me a message or give me a call so we can discuss the best way forward.

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