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What causes you stress?

Are you a busy mum? Juggling a million things, being pulled this way and that?


Are you a professional woman? An entrepreneur? Always rushing around? Dealing with crisis after crisis?

Do you have family demands which leave you with no time for yourself?


Maybe you work in a job that isn’t for you or you always bring work home?

Have you been through a stressful life event, maybe a bereavement, having a baby or a house move?


Do you have burnout? Perhaps you have been through a period of illness? Maybe you just can’t switch off?

Stress puts you in fight or flight mode. Your body is flooded with stress hormones. You’re ready for action. Your breathing and heart rate increase. In the short term this is fine – it’s what’s keeps us alive in moments of physical danger. But it’s the longer-term stress that creates issues.

If you have a prolonged increase in your breathing, which doesn’t need to be obvious or even noticeable, your physiology (body chemistry) will become imbalanced. This imbalance reinforces the stress cycle, you will feel like you’re in a constant state of ‘fight or flight’, and it’s exhausting.

Ultimately, stress plays havoc with your breathing and on your body.

You will never manage stress or anxiety well if you’re fighting your body’s physiology!

All it takes is another stressful day or event and you’ll be experiencing awful physical and mental symptoms as a result.

How do you know if your breathing is part of the problem? You may experience:

Frequent sighing and yawning

Feeling anxious

Feeling on edge or hyper-vigilant


Being permanently tired


Feeling spaced out or dissociated

Poor sleep

Pins and needles

Chest pains

Breathing discomfort

Low confidence

Palpitations or a flutter in your chest

Tightness in your chest

‘Air hunger’ – a feeling that you cannot get enough air in

Reflux or upset tummy

I can help you manage your symptoms by restoring normal breathing and therefore normal physiology. Your mind and body will return to a calm and relaxed state – putting you back in control and allowing you to enjoy life again.

To do this I will:

Teach you how to recognise stress and how to manage it with your breathing

Make sure you’re breathing well even in the most stressful situations

Restore your normal breathing pattern and physiology

Help you to feel calm at rest and in stressful situations

Strengthen your breathing muscles

Manage any neck/back/shoulder pain because of incorrect breathing

Help you feel in control again

Get you feeling like you again!


To discuss your specific concerns, get in touch today! All initial consultations are free. I look forward to helping you!

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