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Kelly Mitchell

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After working for 12 years in the NHS, with over half of this time as a specialist respiratory physiotherapist, I decided a change of scenery was needed!

I wanted to bring the knowledge and skills I’d amassed over the years to a group of people who would really benefit from what I can offer.  

Us women are crazy busy, balancing home, work, and family life without breaking a sweat but sometimes we forget about ourselves. Not only do we have to deal with all of the stress that life throws at us, we also have raging hormones to contend with which wreak havoc on our bodies at every stage of our life.

That combination of factors means that women are far more likely than men to suffer with breathing pattern problems. The problem is, breathing dysfunction is so poorly diagnosed that most women who are suffering with a wide range of horrible symptoms are often told ‘there’s nothing wrong, you’re just anxious, do some yoga’. That’s just not right or fair, and I’m on a mission to change it!


As an over breather myself, I fully understand the impact it can have on your life. Recently, I was working in an NHS management role (which was not for me), I was studying for my MBA and I was in the middle of a house move. To say things were stressful would be an understatement! During this time, I completely lost sight of how I was breathing and before I knew it I was experiencing severe anxiety, overwhelming fatigue and a feeling that I was losing control.

I’m a specialist in this area but that doesn’t mean that I’m immune, quite the opposite. But it does mean that once I turned my attention back to myself and my own wellness, I understood that it was my breathing pattern which was causing these symptoms. I felt so awful that I was off work, so I spent the necessary time retraining my breathing and got the old me back!

I was lucky, but if you don’t know it’s happening, or don’t understand that your breathing can make you feel so awful, I can see how people fall into a long term pattern of breathing dysfunction and end up living with symptoms far longer than necessary.

Ultimately, my goal is to help you feel in total control, even when life gets tough. I want you to feel the best you can, physically and mentally, and to be able to accomplish the things in life which are important to you. I do this by teaching you the right ways to breathe and by doing so we can return you to a normal physiology and state of calm control.

I believe breathing well is the foundation for our physical and mental health and my approach is based on sound medical knowledge. I have a deep understanding of human anatomy and physiology and how this not only affects your breathing mechanics but also how you feel and why. I approach your care with the understanding that you are an individual and tailor your assessment and treatment based upon your lifestyle, preferences, needs and medical history.

Finally, I like to have fun! I’m a big believer in the importance of laughter and having a good time. The process of feeling better should be a positive one so don’t feel nervous about getting in touch or starting a treatment plan!

If you want to know more or you have any questions, please get in contact. I look forward to hearing from you!

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