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Is your breathing uncomfortable when you exercise? Do you feel tight and wheezy? Do you find it difficult to connect your breath with your movement? Do your muscles tire quickly, or do you get the dreaded stitch? Do you want to train as efficiently and effectively as you can?

You need to look at how you’re breathing!

Breathing properly and efficiently is the only way to get the best out of your performance. So many people kick into mouth and upper chest breathing when they exercise. This is inefficient and dysfunctional - exercise becomes harder than it needs to be and you can’t work to your full potential.

In fact, it just makes exercising a difficult and unpleasant experience!

What happens when your breathing and movement aren’t in sync:

Trouble coordinating your breath during exercise

No diaphragm/tummy movement

Mouth breathing

You get a ‘stitch’

Muscle fatigue – the feeling of weakness in your muscles

Feelings of breathlessness

Tightness in your throat or neck

Voice or speech changes

Chest wheeze or tightness during exercise

Joint and muscle pain – especially in the chest, back, neck and shoulders

Performance anxiety

Your body tires before you think it should

You just don’t feel efficient during movement


If exercise feels too hard or unpleasant you aren’t going to do it! It’s as simple as that!

You do not have to be an athlete to benefit from learning to breathe properly. Whether you’re a casual runner, a gym bunny, a home exerciser or a dedicated sports person, exercise should make you feel good. I can help!

I will:

Assess you at rest – If you’re not breathing well at rest you certainly won’t be during activity. For many this is where we start

Teach you how to breathe well for fitness – focusing on diaphragm strength and nose breathing

Undo any unhelpful habits such as abdomen splinting (over-active abdominal engagement)

Assess and modify your posture and biomechanics where necessary

Consider inspiratory muscle training for those who train at higher levels

Help you to reach your full potential 

Make exercise a more comfortable and enjoyable experience!

I provide everything from a one-off breathing check to a full breathing rehabilitation programme. Get in touch today to see how I can help.

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