Jake's suspected COVID story 


“I’ve struggled with shortness of breath, chest pains, palpitations, low grade temperatures, difficulties thinking clearly along with many other symptoms since March. They have generally gradually improved over time, but fluctuate in severity and I am still unable to work.


I don’t think we understand what causes these symptoms yet, and more research is definitely needed. However, I found my sessions with Kelly very useful and supportive. I learnt techniques to help me manage my symptoms and I have noticed that I feel more in control of my breathing and my symptoms have continued to improve. I have managed a 2 day break at the seaside since.”


Even if we don’t understand Long COVID yet, it makes a lot of sense to try and manage symptoms as well as possible, and Kelly really helped me with this.”



Covid-19, or coronavirus as it is commonly known, has greatly increased the number of people who are facing issues with their breathing, most of whom who were previously fit and healthy.

We are yet to understand the long-term impact of this virus, but we have seen a number of symptoms lingering in people who are recovering from covid-19, in some cases many weeks after the initial infection. The term “long covid” is often used to describe this situation.

Covid-19 is a novel virus and has affected people in a way that we haven’t seen before. Although we might not yet fully understand the underlying cause of people’s symptoms, as respiratory physiotherapists we are now skilled at managing the symptoms caused by coronavirus and reducing the impact of these symptoms on your life.

The most frequent complaints I have seen and helped my clients manage include shortness of breath on minimal exertion, a continuous cough, changes in breathing pattern and symptoms of anxiety e.g. palpitations, extreme tiredness, and dizziness.

Unfortunately, many people with respiratory symptoms after a covid-19 infection have had little input from NHS healthcare professionals to manage their residual, debilitating symptoms.

People have been left feeling uncertain and anxious about how their future health may be affected.

I can help you if you have been told by your doctors that there is no obvious cause for your symptoms and “you just need time to get better”.

I will:

Restore your normal breathing pattern and physiology

Help you to feel calm at rest and in stressful situations

Reduce your breathlessness

Help you return to work and exercise again

Stop your irritable cough

Help you manage your feelings of anxiety

Increase your energy levels

Improve your confidence

Get you doing the things you enjoy again!


Everyone has had a different experience with coronavirus, resulting in a unique set of symptoms. To discuss your specific concerns and understand how I can help you feel better please send me a message or give me a call to arrange a free consultation.